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AllisOne Academy

Enlighten and Empower Yourself

Interested in tissue salts for yourself, your family or as an additional modality to support health or complementary practice? AllisOne offers seminars conducted by Alison Effting or the option of the international Biochemic Institute correspondence course.

The Presenter

Alison Effting is a passionate Biochemic Practitioner, director of the Biochemic Institute of Southern Africa, and presents seminars both locally and internationally. Originally a radiographer, she has worked with tissue salts since 1994 and also incorporated Aura-Soma® Colour and Astrology into her practice. She is CEO of AllisOne Products and the innovator of the first lactose-free tissue salt tablets. These have been distributed internationally by Aura-Soma Products Ltd since 2006 and were launched locally in 2008 under the AllisOne™ label.