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AllisOne Academy

Enlighten and Empower Yourself

Mineral Deficiency, Facial Analysis and Bioenergetic Alignment

This comprehensive course is suitable for everyone who has a more profound interest in tissue salts, whether for their self-development or professional application:

  • Practitioners and therapists - we welcome practitioners of all modalities, whether medical, homoeopathic, complementary or from the beauty and wellbeing worlds;
  • Pharmacy, health store owners and personnel;
  • Individuals - gain more understanding of using tissue salts for yourself, your family and friends.

The human body possesses a natural intelligence that moves towards self-maintenance if given the right tools to apply. Alison has designed this intensive course to stimulate your insight into what the body is communicating, developing the body-mind connection, and how to address its needs.

Learn about the conventional ways of determining tissue salts requirements for maintaining health, dealing with pre-diagnosed conditions and discover how to become more empowered in your wellbeing, that of your clients and family. You will find the reasons why tissue salts should be in every household! If you are a practitioner or health advisor, this course will add profound dimensions of understanding to your toolkit. We'll explore:

  • The Biochemic System of Dr Schuessler;
  • The later work of Dr Carey and Perry;
  • Relationship of tissue salts to homoeopathic and allopathic treatments;
  • Facial Analysis - recognising the signs of mineral deficiencies;
  • Interpreting physiological signals of depletion and pre-diagnosed conditions;
  • The human bioenergetic system and the body-mind;
  • Ways of determining what the body-mind is telling you;
  • Tissue salts and colour: feeling off-colour and reconnecting with your inner glow;
  • Tissue salts and medical astrology: stardust - tissue salts, natural cycles and Astro-physiological correspondences.