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Biochemic Health Therapies (Dr med WH Schuessler)

AllisOne is home to the Biochemic Institute of South Africa, and offers an international one-year Tissue Salts correspondence course, approved and accredited by the the Biochemischer Bund Deutschland (eV) (the German Association of Biochemistry). The course is open to all health professionals or individuals who wish to increase their knowledge of this fascinating and natural method of health.

This is a short, non-clinical and interactive course providing a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Biochemic System of Medicine of Dr WH Schuessler, founder of the Biochemic System. The course covers the fundamentals of Biochemic practice dealing individually with each of the 12 mineral salts, from the perspective of:

  • The signs and symptoms of deficiencies.
  • Clinical history.
  • The art and use of facial diagnostics.
  • General diagnostics.
  • Dosage recommendations.
  • Detecting why there are deficiencies of these essential mineral salts.

These methods seek to teach the student how to identify the mineral deficiency rather than treat the signs and symptoms of the disease.

The course deals with:

  • The physiological aspect of these elements in their structural, electrochemical, metabolic, catalytic and miscellaneous roles.
  • The mineral salts as cation and anion pairs, absorption and assimilation, the value of the Arndt Schultz Law in considering the recommendation.
  • The role and effects of the mineral salts in the process of osmosis, and how this can positively affect the absorption and assimilation of homoeopathic, allopathic and other complementary therapeutic treatments.

How the correspondence course works:

The course is divided into four parts, designed to be accomplished at a self learning pace in 6 -12 months and is forwarded as a complete unit. Each mineral salt individually described, including signs and symptoms, common indications, contra-indications, recommendation information, facial diagnostics and repertory.

The package includes: general course study material incorporating three assessment papers, and some additional biochemic and facial diagnostics reading material.

Examination and Certification

Students may undertake an international final written examination after the submission of three assessment papers to the Biochemic Institute of SA during the term of the course. This may be conducted in their locality under supervision of an Institute approved examiner. Students need to notify the Biochemic Institute of SA of their intention at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the examination.

Successful completion of the course on passing the final examination is recognized by awarding a certificate in the Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy.

Examination supervisors may be drawn from any of the following:

  • The Biochemic Insitute of SA
  • Registered medical, homoeopathic, or naturopathic practitioners
  • Members of the clergy
  • Magistrates
  • Justices of the Peace
  • School principals
  • Members of the national police force (holding the rank of sergeant or above)
  • Bank managers
  • Managers of post offices
  • Registered members of the Institute of Biochemic Medicine
  • Registered examiners (RSA).

The cost of the course covers the marking of assessments and examination, excluding any supervision fees involved, which are the responsibility of the student.